Candle Making Kit


Our Candle Making Kits are organised especially for participants in our Live Candle Making Course. 

Kits are done by order and are mailed to you so that you can use the raw materials when it is time for pouring.  Last minute orders cannot be accommodated.

Our Kits are designed with premium waxes and premium fragrances as we understand this has a direct impact on the quality of the candles you create.

You will receive:

1.5 lbs premium container blend wax (no additives needed)

2 premium fragrances

2 colours

2 wicks on stabilsers

1 lb premium pillar blended wax

1 cotton wick

1 pillar mold (polycarbonate)

Wick putty

 Kits can only be offered through the website to Trinidad and Tobago customers.

If you are outside of Trinidad and Tobago and you need a kit, please send a message to support for a personalised service and ordering.

Please access support through the whats app icon on this page.