Candle Making Workshop: Sunday 7th August


Sunday 7th August

There are only Two Spots left in this workshop

In this workshop, we will teach you the CONCEPT of candle making in glass containers.

While we focus on creating particular candle types in this workshop, you will be able to design and create any candle cast in containers if you choose, as the concepts are the same.

You will learn:

  • How to choose appropriate waxes for projects
  • How to choose different types of wicks that burn perfectly for your projects
  • Suggestions on choosing and preparing the glass (as this is an integral part of the design)
  • Preparing the wax: melting, pouring at the right temperatures
  • How to choose and add colour
  • How to mix colours
  • Perfecting the candle appearance
  • Embedding objects according to design

Fragrance in Candles

As all our candles are scented, you will also learn how to:

Choose appropriate fragrances

Include fragrance for hot throw


You will receive both our E books, once you enroll. Our first E book, focuses on the methods covered in the course.

The second e book contains 20 beautiful candle projects for you to try.

Layering two different wax types

Whipping using a wax combination recipe


Using paint pens to create designs on glass


Date: Sunday 7th August 2022

Time: 10 a.m.- 2.30 p.m.

Venue: The Taboui, Curepe (Corner Philip and Mc Donnel Streets)
Light Refreshments will be served. 
Cost: $TT1500


Pricing and Discounts

Pricing Specials and Discounts

1. Early Bird: $TT1000 or US $147 (pay on our before June 6th)- 3 early bird spots available (SOLD OUT)
2. Pepper Pot Spots: $1200  or US 176 (pay before Thursday 30th June)- 2 pepper pot spots available
You can also opt to book a spot with a 50% down payment.  This however, does not benefit from any discount. The balance (50%) will become due on workshop day.
(Select Down payment  at Checkout USD102)

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