Book a Workshop Group Session


Whether you are building a work team or bonding with members of your family, a group workshop is the perfect way to acquire a new skill and have fun in the process.

This is the perfect arrangement for groups interested in starting a business.

Groups (up to 10 persons) can book any workshop. Choose from:

  • Creating handmade soaps
  • Making luxury Body Butters and Lotions
  • Body Scrub Creation
  • Candle Making

As a team, choose your date and book it with us, confirming with your deposit. (50%) 

You are invited to read our group terms and conditions before booking for your group.

You can read the details on each workshop, following the relevant links. Group workshops are personalised events. 

You will receive:

  • Instructions and coaching for the relevant product type
  • Slide Deck, plus e books
  • All materials for use on the day of the workshop
  • All products created on workshop day

Venue for Workshops: The Annexe (Curepe). This is located at the corner of Phillip and Mc Donnel Streets in Curepe. 

Terms and Conditions:

1. All bookings are a commitment and cannot be changed. Please ensure all participants are available for the scheduled date and time.

2. Children are not allowed to participate in adult workshops (teenager groups can be booked)

3. Cancellations incur a cost of 20%



Group of 6 persons TT $5900 or US $880

Group of 8 persons TT $ 7200 or US $1074

Group of 10 persons TT $7000 or US $1044