Body Scrubs, Polishes, Body Oils, Body Sprays.Trinidad, Sunday 9th August 2020

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Body Scrubs, Body Polish, Body Oils, Massage Oils, Body Sprays. That's right! We couldn't justify a Workshop with any of these products by themselves, so we've put them together. 

Walk away from this workshop fully equipped to add these products to your line up of goodies.

Body Scrubs: Two types of scrubs using seeds and other natural exfoliants in either an oil or liquid soap base. Packaging: PET Jars-provided

Body Polish: We're going to use sea salt and essential oils to create an effective polish great for all skin types. Packaging PET Jars-provided

Body Oils: Great base oils with spa fragrances. These are intended to lock in natural moisture on the driest skin. More effective than lotions. Packaging PET bottles-Provided

Massage oils: Authentic Aromatherapy blends with the correct proportions of base oils to essential oil blends. We're using Grade A Essential oils. Packaging: Dark glass bottles-provided

Body Sprays: We'll show you how to keep sprays clear even with the addition of fragrance oils. Packaging: PET bottles with fine mist sprayer provided.

 DATE: Sunday 9th August 2020

Venue: The Good Space (The Annexe) Corner Phillip and Mac Donald Street, Curepe.

Start Time: 10 a.m.

Price: US$134.00 TT$900.00 

On the Day: Fragrance Modifier on sale: Use the fragrance modifier to keep body sprays perfectly clear.

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