Body Scrubs Workshop: Sunday August 14th 2022 Trinidad

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Body Scrubs are the very best skin care products. They exfoliate dead skin, leaving an irresistible glow.

In this workshop, join us to learn how to make effective, all over body and facial scrubs the right way.

While You Tube videos are a GREAT source for projects, it is not the best place for the most up to date information if you want to create Body Scrubs for sale. 

If business is your ultimate goal, then you must create quality products that meet international standards.

In this workshop, we will complete both theoretical and practical work.

Here's what we will cover:

  • The purpose of Body Scrubs
  • The use of suitable, natural oils
  • The use of oils suitable for facial scrubs
  • Different types of exfoliants
  • Anti-Oxidation
  • Preservation
  • How to Emulsify Scrubs and why
  • How to use a soap base for a foaming, cleansing scrub
  • How to label scrubs for sale

Here's what's on the Scrub menu for the day:

1. A Berry Mint Emulsified Scrub: A tingling, delicious smelling scrub that will mosturise and exfoliate. We've eliminated separation and leakage by emulsifying the oils.

2. Rejuvenate! A facial scrub that's infused with Vitamin C for the glowiest skin. Will not clog the pores.

3. Tropical Smoothie Scrub. A fruity, slushy scrub which uses a foamy soap base. 


All raw materials will be provided on workshop day.

Receive also our E book complete with new recipes. FREE

(hard copy at additional cost: US$5, available at Checkout)


Details at a glance:
Date: Sunday 14th August
Time: 10 a.m. (sharp)- 2.30 p.m.
Venue: The Taboui, Curepe (Corner Philip and Mc Donnel Streets)
Light Refreshments will be served. 
Cost: $TT1500

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2. Pepper Pot Spots: $1200  or US 176 (pay before Thursday 30th June)- 2 pepper pot spots available


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