Liquid Soap Making: Trinidad November 3rd

Sunday 3rd November 2019

Liquid soap making has so many possibilities! The process itself can yield shampoos, bubble baths and thick, fragrant shower gels.

This is advanced soap making so sign up only if you've completed a Cold Process Soap making course.

We'll show you how to combine natural oils and an alkali to create the starter for your liquid soaps. We'll do a step by step so you'll participate in the creation of shower gels, bubble baths and liquid soaps and understand the differences between these products.

Don't miss out on the best part of adding colour and fragrance. 

It is our job to simplify this process for you so that your success is guaranteed! In addition to practical work you will receive:

  1. A downloadable reminder video 
  2. A step by step Liquid Soap making E book
  3. A printable planner and journal
  4. Awesome Liquid soaps, Shampoos and Bubble Bath recipes.
  5. A bonus of Solid Shampoo recipes

If you see yourself creating exquisite, thick bubble baths and fragrant shower gels that clients simply cannot wait to purchase, equip yourself with the best information and instruction. Many customers prefer shower gels to hard bars and now you can learn how to create these without the use of sulphates, mineral oils or parabens- just natural oil goodness!

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PRE-REQUISITE: Cold Process Soap Making

Venue: The Annexe, Curepe

Start time: 10 a.m.

Price: TT900 (USD 134)

Book with a 50% down payment now before all spaces are gone.

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