August Workshop for Teens: Candle Making Group Booking


If you've got budding and enthusiastic entrepreneurs at home between the ages of 14-19, you can now book a candle making workshop for them.

They''ll  learn the art of pouring successful candles in containers and candles using easy silicone molds.

This workshop is designed to equip your teen with the skills to start pouring candles safely and successfully.

Here's what we will cover:

Wax types: How to choose appropriate waxes for candles

Wick Types: How to select wicks that burn successfully. We will use both cotton and wooden wicks.

Colour: Create all colours of the rainbow, using wax dyes and the colour wheel.

Fragrance: How to safely include fragrance in candles so that they smell amazing.

Potential challenges and how to overcome these.



Workshop date can be booked to suit your schedule. Booking is for groups. Select the size of your group. 

Book the date by messaging 493 8118. (Available now, First week August)

Workshops can also be booked during the week.


Group of 4: TT $3200 or US$470

Group of 6: TT4200 or US$617

All materials are provided on Workshop Day

Project Ideas (E book)

Listing of Raw Material Sources (e Book)

Light Refreshments will be served.

Leave with candles created in the workshop,