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Isn't it time you started creating your own spa products at home?


We know that finding the right recipes for your handmade spa products is time consuming and hard. 

We believe in these recipes so wholeheartedly, we offering them at a heavily discounted rate for YOU to judge.


Once you have our recipe collection, you'll be brimming with enthusiasm (jumping for joy maybe?) because finally, one major challenge to starting your own healthy bath and body product lines will be -SOLVED.

You'll have all the recipes you need! All you need to do is start with just one. Handmade Bath and Body products are perfect for home based  business. 

  • They are easy to create with our recipes
  • Speciality equipment is not needed.
  • Mark ups are healthy
  • The Industry is growing.

Demand is high for artisan skin care.

As more and more people search for healthier alternatives to skin care, allow your business to give them what they need. 

Best Selling Products:

We have been in the Industry for more than 20 years and we KNOW the very best selling products. As such we've provided the recipes for the very best selling bath and body products.

Market saturation?

While you may be concerned about saturation in the market, as you look around and see so many new artisans , the truth is that this is a growing Industry. The handmade soap industry alone was worth 222 million in the year 2018 and is projected to grow as more persons turn away from synthetic skin care.

The world is your market place, not your home town. It's become easier than ever to target market anywhere in the world.

Feel the joy of owning a business.

Grab this opportunity to equip yourself with the start you need to feel the satisfaction of owning a business that you enjoy . Multiply the satisfaction and joy by saving the extra money you make.

E books you will receive: (recipes for best selling products)

You'll receive recipes for:

  • Handmade Soap creation
  • Making your own lotions and body butters
  • Creating Sugar scrubs (book also contains the method and recipes for Body Oils, Therapeutic Massage oils and Body sprays)
  • Creating your own shampoos, shower gels and bubble baths
  • Creating beautiful, smooth, scented candles
  • Make Coffee and Chocolate body products


Receive them IMMEDIATELY upon purchase. Once purchase is completed, you will receive a link with your downloads.

1. Make Handmade Soaps: 

Learn the step by step process to create handmade soaps- beautiful, bubbly bars that clean and moisturise.

2. Make Body Scrubs:

Learn how to create your own amazing sugar scrubs right from your kitchen. Use your sugar scrubs to remove dead skin and reveal clean, glowing skin that you will love.


Make Massage oils and Body Oils

Learn the correct proportions for therapeutic massage oils. Perhaps you prefer fragrant all over body oils for intense moisture for chronic dry skin? You get those instructions and recipes too! (body sprays included)

3. Make Lotions and Body Butters:

Learn the easy step to make amazing, fragrant lotions and luxurious body butters. True moisture is what your chronic dry skin needs. You'll see the difference the very first time you use the lotion or body butters that YOU create. NEVER purchase another chemical filled lotion again.

4. Coconut Oil Soap Recipes for Beginners.

Amazing bubbly, creamy lather handmade soaps that everyone will love!

5. Let's Make Beautiful Candles

Scented Candles: Learn how to make your own beautiful pillar candles and container candles for the perfect gift- for your self. Fill the room with wonderful fragrance on your spa day. Enjoy your fragrance filled rooms from the candles that you created in the colours and fragrances you choose and love.

All Methods and Recipes provided:

We've broken down the method for you into step by step guides. We've also provided easy recipes for you. Every recipe has been tested to ensure you get a quality product every time.




International quality products.

The products you will create are of the highest quality- not thrown together from your kitchen pantry products. You will make the best products that you can keep for yourself or

     Bonus E books: 

    Today, you will also receive bonus e-books at no additional cost. You will receive:

    • DIY Coffee and Chocolate Spa Recipes

    • A Planner with pages for: daily, monthly, yearly planning.  Great success starts with great planning.




    Today our special bonus e book is our newest e book addition which is our Liquid Soap Making E book.  Learn how to make liquid soaps, shower gels, shampoo and bubble baths.

    Step by step method. Easy recipes

    Start making your own spa products today. Grab the opportunity to download the 8 e books today at a heavily discounted rate.


    Receive the e books immediately after your payment is complete. No delays

    These are digital products. No physical product will be delivered.

    These e books have been heavily discounted to give you an opportunity to take the very first, important step of owning the right information for spa product creation.

    Join our tribe for continued support when you start creating your products.





    Here's what some of our customers had to say:

    "For a beginner the instructions were easy to follow and my soaps have come out beautifully every time. I am hooked and excited to continue with other recipes.I will recommend this e book to any beginner." Annette ( How to make handmade soaps)


    "This is a great beginner's book! It gives you the confidence to step into the addicting world of soap making by using easy to understand language. It allows you to gain experience with tried and true recipes using local, readily available ingredients." Ariane (How to make handmade soaps)


    "As someone who did this course before, this book provides clear, concise instructions, it is informative in terms of the different types of body scrubs and the advantages of certain ingredients used in the recipes .The book is also visually appealing and simple to use . The recipes recipes yield great scrubs , especially like the coffee and sugar scrub. Informative in terms of the different types of body oils - for energy, for focus , for sleep and how to create them . Overall great book , regardless of whether you are a beginner or as an update for someone who has done a course before ." Beverly-Anne Callender (Body Scrubs, Body Sprays, Body Oils)


    "These recipes are soo easy, simple language, beautiful pictures. It makes you confident that you can create your own decadent spa experiences in the comfort of your home and being in control of the ingredients you put on your body. Not to mention, so simple to monetize if you choose. I eagerly look forward to any book Lisa produces. 5 out of 5." Jamila (Body Scrubs, Body Sprays, Body Oils)


    "I like the presentation of the e-book.It was well done with pictures and clear instructions.It was very easy to follow.Congratulations. Well done. Couldn't find anything to lacking." Vilma ( Creating Liquid Soaps)


    "Lets make beautiful candles book is a very lovely book with very clear step by step instructions.These instructions are so easy to follow and build your confidence in making lovely candles that can help you make cute gifts or even start up a small business." Hema (Let's make beautiful candles)


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