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Candles from the Tea Shop - Candle Making Online Course


Skill Level: Intermediate

Series #1

Candles from the Tea Shop is a candle making course, that takes your candle making skills up a bit to designing and creating beautiful candles that use a variety of waxes and a bit more technique.

You'll learn how to create truly stunning candles by manipulating the waxes based on their peculiar characteristics. 

You'll learn how to create our Tea Shop themed candles. 

  1.  Iced Coffee Candle (gel, soy)
  2. Iced Tea with mint garnish candle (gel, soy)
  3. Mimosa with fruit garnish (gel with soy)
  4. Marbled parfait (soy or paraffin)
  5. Gingerbread whipped dessert (soy)

Specifically you will learn how to:

  1. Combine waxes to achieve stunning designs.
  2. Create color blocks using soy or paraffin or gel
  3. Marble the wax for unpredictable abstract designs
  4. Whip the wax for delicious looking dessert
  5. Create crumbles using the wax
  6. Use color palettes and photos for inspiration.

Includes the E book

This course is for you:

If you've tried one or all of these candle types before, but didn't quite get what you envisioned.

If you love candles and you want to make unique gifts.

If you love creativity and art and are willing to apply it to candle making.

Please enroll in this course ONLY if you have already completed our beginner Candle Making Course. Get it here

This course launches on Sunday 21st July. 

Pre Registration is open now

Price of Our Next Level Courses: $US27

Pre- Launch Price: $19


Please note that the discount on our next Level Online courses applies only to persons who enroll before the course launch date.

The discount will no longer apply after the course launches.

Do the In person Workshop instead


If you never did a course with us:

After purchase is completed, if you have never done an online course with us, you will receive a Welcome E mail within a few minutes. This allows you to go into the Online School and set a password. 

The course will be on your student dashboard. Before launch, the course will contain only a student notice board.

If you have done a course with us

You will not receive a Welcome E mail. The course will be placed on your student dashboard, Use the address of the Online School to access this. (Please save the online school address).

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