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In our latest online course, you will learn how to create three different types of amazing, fragrant, body scrubs.

The scrubs you will create will effectively remove dead cells to reveal the new glowy, moisturised skin. We will focus on the use of natural ingredients (not chemical use) so that the products you create will be a healthier choice for you and your customers, if you are in business.

What will you get in this Online Course?


Learn to create these three types of scrubs
Easy Body Polish
Create this easy to put together body polish that uses either sugar, salt, coffee grounds or a combination of all. Learn to make a scrub which will polish the skin to a healthy sheen.
An Emulsified Scrub
Create a winning scrub, using emulsified oils which eliminate the issues of separation and leakage experienced by oil scrubs.

By far the most popular scrub type on the market today.

Add colour and fragrance for added appeal.

A power cleansing scrub
Create a scrub which uses the power of handcrafted liquid soap and your choice of exfoliator,

Make a super cleaning scrub that reveals amazing skin.

Labelling your products

Finish this course strong by differentiating your product through beautiful packaging.
How to package and label: Some Ideas
We'll take you through appropriate labelling for your products and give you some creative ideas to set yourself apart.

Grab free labels and tags.

Other Considerations

Considerations for facial scrubs

Considerations for extending shelf life. (The use of preservative)

How will this course be delivered?

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Receive two of our e books, which will be available for download within the course.
Body Scrubs, Body Sprays and Body Oils
Once you start the course, you'll be able to download the e book which also includes the method and recipes for body oils and body sprays.
Tips on labelling and printable labels and tags.
You'll also be able to download the e book: Tips on how to label handmade bath and body products.

This e book/ catalog also provides generic labels and tags for your projects and gives you the option to pay to personalise them with your brand name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have have to pay more money after pre-registration?
Ans: No. Once you pre-register before the deadline there are no additional fees.

What happens if I miss the launch date?
Ans: You can log into the course any day after the launch date.

What is the duration of the course?
Ans: The course is divided into a number of modules which you can complete at your own pace, in accordance with your schedule.
Your access to the course never expires.

How can I pre-register without a credit card?
Ans: You can Whats App 868 493 8118 for the guidelines for offline payments or transfers. Please note that messages sent after hours will be answered the next working day.

Can I get an ingredient listing before the course begins?
Ingredient listing are provided in the course deliberately so that you acquire the correct raw materials.

Are all credit cards accepted?
Yes all credit cards are accepted.

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