Price your Handmade Items to finally make a profit!

Learn our step by step  and EASY method to systematically price the products you create.

It's time to stop LOSING money in your handmade business!

Our Pricing E Book gives you a Strategy

Our Pricing E book was written for artisans who:
1. Are guessing about their prices at the moment.
2. Have priced their Handmade Items based on their competitors' price.
3. Don't know if they are actually making a profit.
4. Are unsure of HOW to price their handmade items.
5. Are using a formula but see NO business growth.

If you don't have a Pricing Strategy, You'll NEVER consistently make money. In fact, you could actually be LOSING money right now, if you've never done the work of pricing.

There are definite signs in a business in which the Pricing method must be re-thought.
1. You are constantly afraid and complaining about the cost of raw materials.
2. You have cut corners when it comes to branding and labelling (crucial)
3. You constantly undersell , just to seal the sale.
4. You are unable to save and thus cannot invest in growth
5. You cannot afford to advertise.

Without a well thought out, pricing method, you're gambling your business away.
 If you are LOSING money, you're actually better off NOT having a business at all.

Our convenient Pricing E book removes all the mystery from pricing products you made yourself.
Our E book Pricing Handmade Products:

Breaks the pricing process into easy steps so you are never overwhelmed by too many calculations.

Simplifies the process of calculating overheads- a very much neglected aspect of pricing so you don't fall into the trap of leaving this out.

Uses an example so you see the process in action.

Provides you with corresponding worksheets that you can fill in online and use as many times as you want- so your information is organised.
Suggests how to decide on profit margins so you can breathe in your business.

Suggests how to price for a consistent cash flow.

Deals with raising the perceived value of your products so customers are happy to pay a premium price.


Our 50 page E book that you can download immediately.
Includes Worksheets that you can print or fill in online.

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