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There are no additional Charges. As courses are pre- recorded, you can start when payment is completed. Fantastic Value for money at just US $7

Learn Handmade Soaps

Beginner Soap Making

Create exquisite handmade soaps that are beautiful and perfectly healthy for the skin.
We explore the traditional Cold Process method.
It's simplified and presented as a step by step for you to follow,
Includes E books with recipes.
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Create your own Body Butters

Moisturise Naturally

Learn how to combat the driest skin by creating silky, creamy butters that sink into the skin quickly, locking moisture in. 
Our secret? We use natural oils to create amazing emulsions that everybody will enjoy.  See the look and feel of your sin change with the very first use. Includes E book.
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Start your Body Scrub Business

Effective Scrubs you can make at home

Learn how to create effective all over Body Scrubs.

Start a lucrative business as demand grows worldwide. for effective scrubs. Step by step, project based course.
Includes an E book with recipes. 
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Complete Candle Making

Pillars and Containers

Create both pillar and container type candles. Choose the correct waxes and wick types.

Identify key concepts to ensure successful burning, smooth candles and great scent throw. 
E book included.
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Liquid Soap Making

A hot Process Method

If you already know how to create Cold Process Soaps, it's time you started creating your own shower gels, bubble baths and shampoos.

Careful step by step method. E book with recipes included.

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Create Body Oils 

Instant gratification products

Combine natural oils to create silky all over body oils, massage oils.

Consider scent notes to build your own signature perfume oils. We break it down for you.
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Get the E Book Bundle for just US$7

.We understand that not everyone can or wants to commit to an Online course.
Our E books are stand alone tools you can use in the place of an Online Course.

Use the same methods taught. 
Step by step guide to product creation, along with easy to follow recipes.

Each E book has a Tool and Raw Material Listing. for your convenience.
This is an IMMEDIATE Download.

In this Bundle, you will receive :

Amazing Lotions and Body Butters
Body Scrubs, Body Sprays, Body Oils
How to make Handmade Soaps
Let's Make Beautiful Candles
Creating Liquid Soaps

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Can I still purchase if I do not have a credit card?
Direct Deposits or Bank Transfers are accepted. Please follow the guidelines here for Bank Transfer information

What is the date of Online courses?
ANS: Online courses are pre-recorded and once launched, they are available to you if you have enrolled.

What is the duration of Online Courses?
Online Courses are self paced. As such their duration depends on your rate of access and completion of projects.

Will I get a Certificate when I am finished?
ANS: Certificates which represent an endorsement, require rigorous assessment which we do not do in the Online setting. We will acknowledge completion of courses, once you meet our conditions, but this does not certify you.

Can I create products for sale without a certificate?
ANS Yes you can. Ultimately, you are responsible for the quality of the products you offer for sale. Be sure to be accountable and transparent. People all over the world produce quality Bath and Body for sale.

Can I do more than 1 Online Course?
You can do as many courses as you choose.

With regard to the E books, is it $7 each?
Our E Book Special is sold as a bundle with 5 Books. The Bundle  is offered  at a discounted rate of $7