Handmade Soap Gifts from the Caribbean


This book was written for every soap maker who wants to try new ingredients which are exotic, exciting and great for the skin.

As a Caribbean soaper, I thought it would be exciting to incorporate great- for- the- skin ingredients that are familiar to me.

Bitter Melon (Carailli)  comes to mind immediately as an example. Most people don't know that the leaves of this wild vine was used TRADITIONALLY in the bath in the Caibbean. Why? It promotes the growth of healthy skin cells and does a great job of preventing wrinkles!! This book allowed amazing discoveries (re-discoveries) like this.

Recipes were written using chocolate, turmeric, sorrel, carambola and so much more.

Who is the book for? This book is for you if: 

  • You always wanted to learn how to make your own soaps but were afraid
  • You are an experienced soap maker and want to try something new
  • You're tired of looking for hard to find oils (easily accessible oils are used in our recipes)
  • You're in business and you need a line up of exotic soaps
  • You're interested in creating soaps with mega skin benefits

Handmade Soap Gifts from the Caribbean is available in both hard copy and e book version.

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