Aren't you TIRED of spending too much on Candles?

You should be!

Store bought candles are exciting and satisfying, BUT you could probably invest your hard earned cash into learning the skill of candle making instead. Learn how to create BETTER than Store bought candles in this Virtual Live Workshop.

Store bought candles are expensive. Sometimes VERY expensive and they may not always be the perfect fit for your taste.
Fragrances may not pack the punch you are looking for.

Fragrance throw fades as the candle burns.

Your perfect candle may be hard to find if you're using a colour scheme or palette.

Occasionally, store bought candles do not burn efficiently, wasting the wax on the sides of the container.

Join the Virtual Live to Create the Candles that YOU love!

The creation of candles at home has changed tremendously over the last 20 years. Now, it is easier than ever to create beautiful and intricate designs in a way that it was not possible in the past.

Ready to use wax blends for example is a fairly new development as previously, the mixing of your  own waxes was the norm.. A wider selection of fragrances and more potent dyes are also very welcome developments in this Industry.
All of this means that with solid guidance, it is easier than it ever was before, to easily create beautiful, quality candles at home.

What you Get in this Virtual Course

How to pour Candles

Once you sign up for this Virtual Session, here's what you will receive:

3 Hour Virtual Live Candle Making Session so that the guidance you receive is from a LIVE instructor. (October 16th)

A Preparation pre-recorded session in order to deal with the raw materials and tools you will need. Available when you enroll.

Guidelines and suggestions for the very best raw materials so you not waste time and money on garbage products

A supplier Listing to eliminate the guesswork and the hunting for raw materials.

The opportunity to purchase a complete kit with all the premium raw materials needed to create candles

An E book with project ideas so you can be inspired and excited to create more!

How to make Candles

What does enrolling in this course mean and the Cost?

When you purchase this Live Virtual Course, you receive

1. Enrollment and access to the PREP (Purchase of raw material and equipment plan) session. (Available immediately)

 This is Pre-Recorded session which will guide your purchase of raw materials and tools. You have access to this session as soon as payment is completed.

2. Enrollment and Access to our Live ZOOM session on Sunday 16th October at 10 a.m. (get ready)

3. Access to a recording of this Live Session after the event. (business Package)

4. Business Success E book (Business package)

5. Beautiful Label Templates. (Business Package)

6. E book with project ideas

What's the Cost?

Testing the Water Package:

This is for the beginner who is interested in exploring and deciding whether this is a creative journey that truly resonates. Will you feel it?

This Package includes:
1. Pre- Recorded (PREP) Session
2. Virtual Live Session
3. Project E books (2)
4. Suggested Supplier Listing

Get it here

Taking it to the next level Package

This package is for you if you have already decided that this is the Creative Business for you and you are therefore determined to graduate to the level of business.
1. Package includes:
2. Pre-Recorded (PREP) session
3. Virtual Live Session
4. Recording of the Live Session after the Event
5. Additional Virtual Session (live)
6. Project E books (2)
7. Business Success E book 
8. Label Templates
9. Suggested Supplier Listing
10. Pricing Resource Sheet

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This Virtual Live Course will be hosted by Lisa-Marie Griffith.

She is one of the most informed and experienced candle creators in the Region.
Lisa-Marie has hosted Live Candle Making Workshops in Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados over the last 15 years..

Her engaging presentations are thorough, based on the latest developments in the Industry.

What Happens after you enroll?

Click the Enroll button on the package you prefer. This takes you to our payment page where you can enroll using your credit card.

Direct Deposits are also accepted.
Once your purchase is completed, you will be sent an email within a few minutes, inviting you to join the Online School. (if you have already done an online course with us, you will not receive an email, but the course will appear on your student dashboard.)

This is the place you will access the PREP session which is immediately available.

We will also provide the ZOOM link here enabling access to the Live Session on October 16th.

Sign up here

Our Clients Love our Workshops

Enroll Right now for a discounted rate

 If you enroll now without any delay, you can unlock a 50% discount at Checkout on any package.
This means that you pay:

Testing the Water Package: US$30.  Enroll Now
Take it to the next level Package: US$45. Enroll Now

Apply the code on the discount card to unlock the 50% discount at Checkout.

Bonus Gift

If you order now, you will also receive a bonus gift of our Christmas downloads (September Edition) which contains templates of cards, labels and tags.

All editable templates for your Christmas projects.

Easily customise labels and tags for your own purpose.
This E book download is free with your order. Download it in the PREP segment of this Virtual Course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

While we are happy to assist you with your question, you are urged to read through the FAQs before reaching out.

1. I will not be able to make the date of the Pre-Recorded Session on September 18th. Is there another date?
ANSWER: The Pre-recorded session will be available from September 18th onwards. You can access the session at any time thereafter.

2. How do I access the class?

ANSWER: The pre-recorded segment of the class will be presented in the Online school. Once payment is completed, you will have access to the school and your student dashboard.  This is where the pre-recorded segment will be available after September 18th.

3. What happens if I cannot make the Live Session date of October 16th.
ANSWER: It is advised that you do not enroll in this course if you cannot make our Live Session scheduled date.

4.  I would like to enroll but I do not have a credit card. How can I do this?
ANSWER: We also facilitate offline payments via Bank Transfer. Please follow the guidelines here

5. Do you accept Western Union Payments?
ANSWER. No we do not accept payment from Western Union.

6. Can I have a Raw Material Listing before the class?
ANSWER: No. It is not advised for this class. Our PREP (first) session will guide you on the purchase of raw materials and we give a listing at that time.

7. Are  Raw Materials hard to find?
ANSWER: Raw Materials are readily available for candle making.
8. Do I need a large investment to begin?
ANSWER: You will need a few key items to start such as a candy thermometer and a digital scale, but you can control how much you spend at start up. 

9. What if I need help after the session? 
ANSWER" You can reach out to us for support after the session is over.

10..  Can I get help because I have additional questions?
ANSWER: Certainly. You can send a Whats APP to 868 493 8118 or use the Chat with Us Button on this page.