We've got a MEGA E Book Sale going on!

We've got a MEGA E Book Sale going on!

It's easy to make QUALITY, handmade bath and body products that actually have massive benefits for the skin.

You can create amazing, healthy, handmade soaps, lotions, body butters, body scrubs, body oils, therapeutic massage oils, body sprays and candles.

Use our e books written in easy step by step format and follow our recipes to start creating spa products now. 

You get 8 e books in this very special bundle. 

Our e books are beautifully presented with up to date information and tried recipes. Great value for money at just 9.99 for them all.

It's all the information- the methods and recipes organised in a series of books.

  • All recipes have been tested so there is no guesswork.
  • It's easy to get started because no specialised equipment is needed.
  • Recipes use easy to find raw materials/ingredients.
  • Create quality products with a shelf life. 
  • Create products that change your skin and give true benefits (superior clean, removal of dead skin, authentic moisture)

Start a business (low start up costs) with these highly demanded products. 


The perfect time is now.

Don't wait for all the conditions to be right before you start creating healthy products for your skin. The only time we have is right now. 

Never buy another soap or lotion again!

You'll NEVER buy another commercial skin care product again, once you start making your own because you'll be able to harness the power of nature to create effective, skin care products that make a real difference on the skin.

Here's what you'll get in this bundle.

 1. How to make handmade soap e book: Use the Cold process to make bubbly soaps by saponifying natural oils. 

2. Amazing Lotions & Body Butters. Create all over moisturisers that will literally change your skin. Make luxury, creamy lotions and body butters with fragrances you love

3. Body Scrubs, Body Sprays, Body Oils. Create different types of body scrubs that will exfoliate gently yet effectively. Make all over body oils, perfume oils and therapeutic massage oils.. Reclaim your glow!

4. Coconut oil soap recipes for beginners. Easy recipes that produce handmade soaps that yield AMAZING creamy lather. (who doesn't love lather?)

5. Let's Make beautiful candles: Learn to pour both pillar and container candles that burn well and fill the room with fragrance. Match your decor and save money if you've been buying those pricey candles.

In addition to these e books, you will receive these bonuses:


Coffee & Chocolate. DIY spa recipes

Soap Maker's planner- Because great success starts with effective planning. Daily, monthly, yearly planning pages


Creating Liquid Soaps: The complete method for creating shower gels, shampoo and bubble baths using natural oils. 

You get a massive 70% discount when you purchase now. These are digital products. No physical product will be delivered.

FINAL PRICE (No additional charges)




Here's what some of our customers had to say:

"For a beginner the instructions were easy to follow and my soaps have come out beautifully every time. I am hooked and excited to continue with other recipes.I will recommend this e book to any beginner." Annette ( How to make handmade soaps)


"This is a great beginner's book! It gives you the confidence to step into the addicting world of soap making by using easy to understand language. It allows you to gain experience with tried and true recipes using local, readily available ingredients." Ariane (How to make handmade soaps)


"As someone who did this course before, this book provides clear, concise instructions, it is informative in terms of the different types of body scrubs and the advantages of certain ingredients used in the recipes .The book is also visually appealing and simple to use . The recipes recipes yield great scrubs , especially like the coffee and sugar scrub. Informative in terms of the different types of body oils - for energy, for focus , for sleep and how to create them . Overall great book , regardless of whether you are a beginner or as an update for someone who has done a course before ." Beverly-Anne Callender (Body Scrubs, Body Sprays, Body Oils)


"These recipes are soo easy, simple language, beautiful pictures. It makes you confident that you can create your own decadent spa experiences in the comfort of your home and being in control of the ingredients you put on your body. Not to mention, so simple to monetize if you choose. I eagerly look forward to any book Lisa produces. 5 out of 5." Jamila (Body Scrubs, Body Sprays, Body Oils)


"I like the presentation of the e-book.It was well done with pictures and clear instructions.It was very easy to follow.Congratulations. Well done. Couldn't find anything to lacking." Vilma ( Creating Liquid Soaps)


"Lets make beautiful candles book is a very lovely book with very clear step by step instructions.These instructions are so easy to follow and build your confidence in making lovely candles that can help you make cute gifts or even start up a small business." Hema (Let's make beautiful candles)


What are you waiting for? Your downloads are delivered IMMEDIATELY to your email address, so you can get started. 


(NO additional charges apply at checkout)


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