Learn to create Handmade Soaps

Learn to create Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps are super popular today. Once they're well made, they have the ability to visibly improve the look of the skin, cleaning in a superior way to commercial brands and delivering authentic moisture to dry skin.

They are an absolute pleasure to use because of the variety of skin  loving oils and butters that can be included in formulations.

We offer you THREE ways to learn how to make these beautiful bars of fragrant skin therapy.

1. Learn in our Face to Face Workshop:

Specifically for Trinidad and Tobago residents, attend one of our enjoyable workshops for hands on instruction. In just a few hours, we will ensure you have a thorough understanding of soap formation so you can create any type of soap you can think of.

Check out the schedule now and register...next available workshops:

July 26th, 2020- Sign Up


September 13th, 2020- Sign Up

2. Learn in our Online Workshop

Learn from anywhere!

Our Online platform delivers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Start the online course at any time you like. Learn at your own pace, log in any time you are free. Once enrolled you have unlimited access to the course which delivers 12 modules (5 practicals). You will learn to create Cold Process soaps and practice, using our practicals.

Practicals: You will create 1. Oatmeal Exfoliating Soap 2. Chocolate and vanilla bar 3. Layered Lavender soap 4. Two colour mint soap  5. Fruit Puree Soap.

In the Online course, we deliver everything that is taught in face to face workshops. You'll receive e books with the step by step with recipes; videos showing you the method, that you can play over and over. Benefit also from our bonus LIVE sessions which you can request!


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3. Learn using our E books:

Our "Make Handmade Soap" e book is a step by step guide to the creation of cold process soaps. Follow the guide and use the easy recipes provided to start creating your own soaps today.

Download now 


Choose the method that best suits you and start on your journey to creating handcrafted soaps.

  • Learn to make soaps if you want better skin
  • Learn to make soaps if you have chronic acne or eczema and nothing works
  • Learn to make soaps if you are looking to start a home based business.
  • Learn to make soaps if you love creativity and you're looking for another challenge.


Face to Face Workshop

Online Soap Making

E book Download

Contact us via whatsapp for assistance. We are available: Monday to Saturday 9 a.m- 5 p.m. (868) 493 8118

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