Achieving smooth soy candles

Achieving smooth soy candles

Yesterday in our candle making workshop, we were unable to achieve smooth top container candles in the room.

Slow Cooling for Soy Wax

It reinforces, I think, the importance of slow cooling times for soy waxes. The air conditioned room was not the ideal space as it promoted faster cooling of the soy wax which resulted in much contraction, holes and collapsing in some places. 

These are not imperfections that are impossible to fix, but it is so much more rewarding to have the ideal conditions for a slow cool.

To prove this, I completed a pour this morning using the very same eco-soy container blend wax. The difference this time was a very slow cooling time. This made the WORLD of difference. (poured at 125 degrees Fahrenheit)


After 1 .5 hours

Fix cracks

After two hours there was a crack around the wick, which is a quick fix. 

I have also noticed that for the top up pour, which tends to be a shallow pour, it helps to raise the pouring temperature a bit. In this case, I raised it to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If bumps and imperfections still exist, smooth them out with the heat gun.


To finish up, I used the heat gun as there were a few bumps after complete cooling.

Tips for success: (summary)

1.Pour at the recommended temperature. In this case, the range was 120- 130 F

2. Cool the candle slowly. It may help to slightly heat containers before the pour. 

3. Raise the temperature of the wax slightly with top up.

4. If bumps persist, a heat gun is a quick fix. Alternatively, place the candle in the toaster oven on a low setting. Remove when the top layer liquifies. Allow the candle to cool. (you MUST watch the candle as it softens. Do not leave unattended)



In addition to temperature recommendations given here, I HIGHLY recommend C3 Soy Nature's Wax. I have used many types of soy waxes and this is by far the best. The issues of frosting and blooming are very much reduced. Nice, smooth tops are usual.

Here are links to some key raw materials for candle making.

Generally, I highly recommend Candlewic as an Online source for candle making supplies. Their wax blends are THE BEST in the Industry.

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