Workshop Policies

There are a number policies which govern our Workshops. I hope you'll take the time to read them. Your questions are welcome and you can feel free to comment, to email or to call.

1. Your place in any one of our Workshops is guaranteed only if a downpayment is made by the deadline date. Walk in customers simply cannot be accommodated.

2. Your downpayment is non-refundable. If you miss the Workshop date, you will be accommodated in the next scheduled workshop (of the same kind). If you miss the second date, you forfeit your deposit and your space.

3. Workshops begin on time as a mark of respect for our customers. If you are late, you are responsible for catching up.

4. Full payment (the balance on your deposit) is due on the day of the workshop.

5. Early Bird specials (where applicable) do not apply to customers who pay a balance on the day of the workshop. These specials are incentives for persons who sacrifice to pay early.

Questions? Call or WhatsApp 868-493-8118

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