4 great reasons why you should make your own lotion

4 great reasons why you should make your own lotion

One of my favourite spa projects is the creation of emulsions. These include lotions and body butters.

Lotion making is Instant Gratification!

Why do I love this so much? Unlike handmade soap making, it's INSTANT GRATIFICATION. I slather on the delightful smelling lotion or body butter almost immediately.

The feel of a well made all over lotion is indescribable. There is no commercial alternative to a handmade body butter and lotion. They are that good.

Handmade Lotions are healthy and feel amazing!

What makes the difference? Natural oils do. This is because natural oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil and grape seed oil sink deeply into the layers of the skin. You feel the difference immediately. Guess what? You see the difference IMMEDIATELY.

My dry skin needs this type of moisture. I have used all types of  commercial lotions and NONE of them moisturise as effectively as the ones I have created myself.

Here's my other consideration: I don't trust the chemical overload in commercial lotions and body butters. When I create my own, I get to control or even eliminate chemical use.

You can choose your favourite fragrance.

I also love the freedom of choosing my own fragrance or creating  unique fragrance blends that nobody else has.Whether you love designer scents or you prefer the added health benefits of essential oils or you don't want any fragrance at all -it's all up to you!

Profit margins are healthy.

I'm in business and the wonderful thing about having a Lotions/ Body Butter Collection for business is that there is a high mark up. Who doesn't love this? It's a win win. Customers get what they want- which is a solution to chronic, dry skin and as a business person, profit margins are healthy.

 Want to learn? Ensure your lotions and body butter are healthy by using the right ingredients and techniques.


1. Download the e book: Lotions & Body Butters. Price: USD 2.99

I've put in this e book the method (step by step) and great easy, effective recipes that I have written myself. The download is immediate, so you can start learning right now. 

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2. Take a workshop with me!  

That's right, join me on Sunday 12th July to learn Lotions, Body Butters and Lip Balms. You'll walk away with a new skill and your newest favourite body butters and lotions that you made that day,

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